Chesapeake Bay Executive Order
Protection and Restoration

Revised Reports Available

November 08 2009

The Chesapeake Bay Executive Order required federal agencies to develop a series of seven reports on recommendations for addressing key challenges facing the Bay and its watershed. The draft reports were released to the public on September 10, 2009. The draft reports were then reviewed by the Federal Leadership Committee (FLC) for the Chesapeake Bay, in consultation with relevant state agencies. The reports were revised to reflect consideration of the comments received during state consultation and preliminary public input. The revised reports were released on November 24 and are available below.

After the public comment period ends on January 8, 2010, the federal agencies will review public comments on the draft strategy and revised reports. The comments will be taken into consideration as the FLC develops the final strategy.  However, the committee does not anticipate revising the reports based upon public comments received. The FLC plans to use comments received on the reports to help inform the development of the final strategy.

202a Water Quality Report.pdf (2.69 mb)

202b Targeting Resources Report.pdf (3.34 mb) 

202c Federal Stormwater Report.pdf (1.01 mb)

202d Climate Change Report.pdf (2.08 mb)

202e Access & Landscapes Report.pdf (1.87 mb)

202f Scientific Support Report.pdf (1.17 mb)

202g Habitat & Living Resource Report.pdf (1.55 mb)


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