Chesapeake Bay Executive Order
Protection and Restoration

Draft Environmental Goals and Outcomes Released

March 19 2010

As part of developing a new strategy for restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay, President Obama's Executive Order directs the federal government to “define environmental goals for the Chesapeake Bay and describe milestones for making progress toward attainment of these goals.”

Federal agencies have released a document that includes a draft vision for a restored Chesapeake Bay watershed, environmental goals and measurable outcomes of planned actions. Since these elements were not included in the draft strategy released in November 2009, the federal agencies committed to release a goals framework for public review prior to issuance of the final strategy in May 2010. The document does not include all of the actions that were outlined in the draft strategy released in November 2009 or that will be included in the final strategy due in May.

To maintain coordination and consistency with current restoration activities of the Chesapeake Bay Program’s federal and state partners, existing measures of health and restoration were used as the starting point for the Executive Order goals and outcomes. Some refinements were made to existing measures to better address the needs of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and reflect expanded federal action. More details on the draft goals and measurable outcomes are available in the appendix.

Public feedback on the draft vision, goals and measurable outcomes is essential, and comments can be submitted by April 2, 2010. The draft vision, goals and measurable outcomes will be modified based on public feedback and a revised version will be paired with detailed actions in the final strategy to be released by May 12, 2010.

Read the Draft Executive Order Goals Framework.pdf


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