Chesapeake Bay Executive Order
Protection and Restoration

Federal Water Quality Two-Year Milestones

January 07 2014

The Chesapeake Bay Federal Leadership Committee's Water Quality Milestones have been finalized. This second set of federal two-year milestones for water quality applies to calendar years 2014 and 2015. The Executive Order (EO) 13508 Strategy calls upon federal agencies to join the Chesapeake Bay watershed jurisdictions in establishing two-year milestones, many of which are designed to support the jurisdictions in meeting their water quality milestones leading to the 2025 implementation goal.

The milestones were selected to represent the activities that have the potential to have significant environmental outcomes, that require significant resources, or that directly support the jurisdictions in meeting Watershed Implementation Plan (WIP) commitments. The remaining 2014-2015 federal milestone goals will be outlined in the Chesapeake Bay EO 2014 Action Plan to be published in early 2014. Completion of the Water Quality Milestones at this time is also in accordance with an EPA settlement agreement with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.